The following information is for entry into our juried show and contains the application form which provides details on the important conditions of entry, booth size and fees. Please ensure you read the Important Notice to All Vendors regarding the jury process and thoroughly read the entire package before submitting your application. 

Dear Vendor:

We are excited to announce the Rotary Club of Kitchener Grand River’s Artoberfest, a juried show and sale featuring local and national artisans. This show is an accredited Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest® event. The money raised will go to support Rotary’s work with local, national and international organizations with an emphasis on those that support youth.

The fee for a single booth is $510. The final deadline for applications is April 30, 2018. All amounts include HST.


Booth Fees and Deadlines:

February 1, 2018 to final submission deadline of April 30, 2018

One (1) Drapery Booth (10’ wide X 10’ deep): $510.00 including HST (#13820 3971 RR0001)


Applications received after the final submission deadline will be placed on a reserve list in order of date received. Vendors who are selected and have paid the fee for the show will receive a confirmation letter by May 15, 2018. Any Vendor not selected to participate in Artoberfest will have their entry fees refunded by May 15, 2018.



1. Vendors will be selected based, among other thing, on the quality and originality of their work. ONLY ORIGINAL WORK CREATED AND MADE BY THE APPLICANT WILL BE CONSIDERED. Should the jury have any questions or concerns, applicants will be requested to submit a sample of their WORK. Items that are mass-produced, made from commercial kits or prefabricated form are not acceptable. Items must contain a major element of the artist’s original work.

2. Applicants must complete and submit the application form (see below) and (i) at least four (4) photographs (maximum size 5 MB in total) of their work; (ii) a short personal resume; (iii) a price list for their work(s)/product(s). A photograph of the artist’s “workshop” is also helpful to the jury. The Organizers reserve the right to use the submitted photographs in any promotional materials without compensation to the Vendor.  Submit by email -

3. All Vendors’ booths will be located in a single large, heated tent. Individual exhibits or displays outside the tent or the allocated booth space are not permitted. Booth “walls” will be made of drapery and approximately 10’ wide by 10’ deep. Vendors may not extend their booths into the surrounding space or aisles. No items will be permitted to be attached to, or hung off, the drapery. Vendors may bring additional display equipment as long as it fits within the standard booth size.

4. Each booth will be supplied with a total of one (1) 350 watt electrical outlet at 120 volts. Under no circumstances will additional electrical capacity be provided to or permitted within any booths. No tampering with, alteration or overloading of, the supplied electrical outlet will be permitted. Display lighting and other electrical equipment of the Vendor will be strictly limited to the total supplied power capacity. Freezers and refrigerators (with the exception of small table top fridges within the supplied power capacity) are not permitted.

5. The following items are also not permitted within the tent or any booths: open flame burners; decorating materials which are not flame-proof; gas-filled balloons; exterior electrical lighting or electrical equipment which is not CSA-approved for indoor use only; pyrotechnics.

6. One (1) table (approximately 8 feet X 30 inches OR 6 feet X 30 inches) will be available to each Vendor at a cost of $20.00, if requested by the Vendor. Additional display equipment is available for rent from Hahn Rentals. Please refer to the price list here: and make arrangements directly with Hahn Rentals. Please advise them that you are participating in the Rotary Artoberfest show.



The Applicant (you/your business) acknowledges and confirms that it is, and will, if selected to participate in the 2018 Artoberfest show (the “Show”), continue at all times to be covered under a valid policy of commercial general liability/third party liability insurance.

The Applicant agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the Rotary Club of Kitchener Grand River and its Artoberfest committee, the Concordia Club, Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Inc. and the Corporation of the City of Kitchener, and their respective members, officers, directors, employees, volunteers and agents (collectively the “Organizers”) harmless from any and all demands, claims, causes of actions or judgments, for any injury to person or property arising from any omission, fault, negligence or other misconduct of the Applicant and/or its officers, directors, employees, agents or other representatives, or arising from the Applicant’s application to or participation in the Show, or arising from any use made by the Applicant of the Show grounds or facilities or arising from any events occurring during the Show.

In the event that any of the Organizers is made a party, or threatened to be made a party, to any litigation commenced by or against the Applicant, then the Applicant shall defend, indemnify and hold such Organizers harmless and shall pay all costs and expenses incurred by the Organizers in investigating or resisting the same, including legal fees incurred or paid by the Organizers in connection with such threatened or actual litigation.

The Applicant acknowledges and confirms that in no event will any of the Organizers be liable or held accountable to the Applicant for any loss, interruption of business, or any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, harm or injury to the person or property of the Applicant resulting from theft, fire, water, accident or any other cause, regardless of the form of action whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise.

The Applicant acknowledges and confirms that the Organizers reserve the right to use the submitted photographs in any promotional materials without compensation to the Vendor.

The Applicant acknowledges and confirms that if it is selected to participate in the Show: (i) it will comply with all applicable terms and conditions set out in the Application Form and related correspondence from the Organizers (including the Important Notice to All Vendors); (ii) the Organizers shall have the right to enforce such terms and conditions and any related policies and rules at their sole discretion; and (iii) any non-compliance by the Applicant and/or its officers, directors, employees, agents or other representatives with such terms, conditions, policies and rules may result, among other things, in the removal of the Applicant from the Show without a refund and/or exclusion from future shows.



After you submit your registration below it is important to follow up with an email to submitting images for the jurying process and publication on our website. All images sent to us are released by you for publication on the Artoberfest website and socal media in use for promotion of the show and you as a juried member of the show.

By clicking the "register now" link below, the Applicant does hereby acknowledge, confirm and agree to the foregoing.